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Nicholas is married to Mellina Williamson-Taylor, Co-Pastor of Daystar Ministries. Between them they have four children, one girl and three boys from their respective previous marriages.

Nicholas Williamson-Taylor (Pastor)



To build a glorious House, a fortress of light worthy of praise. By this he means to build up an army of believers, a royal household strengthened and prepared for the Master's use.


Nicholas became a Pastor by Call and not by career ambition nor by Church promotion. The office and ministry of a Pastor is one of great responsibility which Nicholas never considered would ever be entrusted to him but believed it was for those to whom it was suited. Nevertheless, his desire from the early days of his Christian walk was to understand the deep things of God, to bring clarity to all scriptural controversies, and to prove the truth and the promises of the scriptures as declared in the Bible.


To be the best that he is called to be.


Nicholas graduated in Civil Engineering and later qualified as a Structural Engineer. Being Chartered Nicholas was employed as a Principal Engineer for many years and practiced alongside privately as a Structural consultant. Nicholas is now the Director of his own Structural Engineering Practice based in South London. The growth and succes of his Practice is considered a reward for his acceptance of the Pastoral ministry.

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