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Know What Your Blessings Are

My desire for you and for your family is that you may be blessed. And not just blessed, but blessed to overflowing. It took me a long time to come to the understanding that in God's kingdom, you can only be blessed to the extent of the blessings that you know are available to you. In other words, you are blessed according to what you know and not what you don't. And that is why the Bible says in Psalm 103:2 says, "Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all His benefits." You have to know about a matter before you can forget it. The kingdom benefit that you forget, or the one you do not know anything about, is the BLESSING you will not enjoy. Another way of saying this is 'What you do not know can destroy you'.

Go to your Bible, and go to the Book of Hosea chapter 4 and verse 6, you will see that the Bible clearly declares that My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. So I say to you my brother, my sister, my friend, do not be ignorant of your kingdom blessings. Study to know, and the Spirit of the Lord will open the eyes of your understanding and show you marvelous things that will change your life forever.

Make that life-changing decision today to know all the blessings that are available to you and to walk in them. The Bible tells you in Psalm 103 what the 7 areas of blessings are, these include forgiveness of sin - that you may remain under an 'open heaven', healing, deliverance, protection, provision, youthfulness, and the Lord's execution of rightness of judicial verdict for all His people who are oppressed.

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